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High precision cutting and carving aluminum veneer profiled CNC router 2060

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Aluminum plate cutting
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High precision cutting and carving aluminum veneer profiled CNC router 2060 2040

Precision Components:

All our YH models uses high precision 20mm linear guide rails and guide blocks. along with model 0.1 rack for all axis

1)  Z axis high precision ball screw 25mm
2)  Y axis HIWIN square rail 20+helical rack pinion
3)   X axis HIWIN square rail 20+helical rack pinion

Pneumatic Table Top or T-slot Clamps table:

YHM25-A's table top is designed for the end user to easily create pneumatic solutions. The plate is 3/4" thick and has slots spaced 2" apart. The slots are designed to fit 1/4-20 bolt heads or nuts to allow you to fixture your parts many ways and easily.
Professional pneumatic clamps worktable more suitable for aluminum cutting working.
Control Box
Our YHM25-A Control box is made with a NK105 based motion control board with custom servo drives. Our control box gets accurate real time feedback of positioning keeping your system fully closed loop. The machine comes standard with DC servo motors with 1000 line encoders allowing for precision movements. NK control box connects via USB drive and runs on 64 bit computers.


Aluminium working: Aluminium panel, three-dimensional wave board processing, handicraft fan window processing. Cutting, engraving, routing, drilling on aluminium.

Other Industry: make building models, wood mold, air wooden mold, propeller, automotive foam mold. Shaping three-dimensional surfaces such as violin, erhu musical instruments and so on.
Pattern carving, calligraphy tablet design and frame sculpture.

Technical Parameters:

Model YH-1850/YH-2040/YH-2060
Table working size               1800*5000 mm/2000*4000mm/2000*6000mm
Z Axis 200mm
Table material
Thickened 8mm square tube& thickened PVC, and there is a hopper receiving trough below the working table.
Max working speed 25M/min
Max cutting speed 10M/min
Cutting metal spindle power          HQD 5.5kw/11kw water cooling with water chiller CW5200
Spindle speed 0-24000Rpm
Working Voltage AC380/50HZ 3PH
Control system DSP RICH AUTO A11
Motor &Driver 758 LEADSHINE  SERVO + Shimpo Reducer
Transmission  X,Y AXIS :High  precision 1.5 m Rack and pinion ,Z AXIS:Ball screw
Rail 25# liner square guide rail
Clamping method clamp by pneumatic in machine left side
Setting Aluminum plate position double Pressure wheel
Command code Compatible with HPGL 2D, 3D instruction set ENG,NC
Oil lubrication Automatic system
Cooling type Spray mist device
REMARK Independent cabinet



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