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YIHAI CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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Applied in high precision organic materials / acrylic cutting related industries advertisement lighting wooden engraving shoes.leather clothes building upholstery arts and crafts toy model industry.
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Working area(mm) 1300*2500
Standard laser power 150W-180W
Working table Blade
Laser type CO2 sealed laser tube,water cooling
Engraving speed 0-1000m/s
Cutting speed 0-600m/s
Reset positioning accuracy <0.01m
Maximum forming character Figure/English:1*1mm 
Chinese character:1.5*1.5mm
Power supply 220V±10% 50Hz or 110V±10% 60Hz
Software supported Art Cut, Photoshop (Conversion output)CorelDraw,AutoCAD(Direct output)
Red dot pointer
Main graphic format supported PLT/DXF/DST/BMP/AIetc.(Direct output)
Measurement(mm) 3600*1980 *1000mm
Net weight(kg) 1050kg
Running Environment Temperature:0-45℃ Humidity:5%-95%
Warranty One year, expect consumable parts


1. Surrounded by sheet metal, blue and white, environmental-friendly color
2. High strength integrated Machine structure, streamlined sheet metal
3. Milling by imported German precision gantry milling machine
4. Y-axis with high-precision oblique rack and high-speed stepping motor
5. Leadshine 860H electrical drivers
6. X-axis adopts Germany ONK belt
7. Stable and reliable high-frequency transformer
8. Custom made 150KV high voltage wires
9. Imported Taiwan liner guide rail
10. Imported American II-VI lens
11. RDC6442S RDC6445G Control board
12. Completely closed optical path design
13. Industrial water chiller CW5200
14. Internal air compressor, exhaust fan,water chiller
15. High suction effect design,Two sets 550W Exhaust fans


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