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YIHAI High Performance CNC Router Edge Horizontal Side Hole Drilling for Furniture

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Introduction: The professional special machine is used for horizontal perforated panel custom furniturecompletely instead of traditional sliding table saws and row drillsto get rid of the traditional punching mode.
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YIHAI CNC Infrared Horizontal Side Hole Drilling Machine


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Technical Parameters:

Model YC-2800
Machine board length 3300mm
Working table traveling length 2800mm
Working height 800mm
Table material Milling steel
Rail TRV 20 square rail
Machine board length 2400mm
Max drilling depth <=40mm
Max Traveling speed 80m/min
Processing speed 50m/min
Spindle 2*2.2 kw air cooling spindle
Motor and Driver  Weide servo motor and driver
Reducer brand Beituo
Transmission system Rack and pinion
Infrared sensor Bangna
Accuracy rate +/-0.01mm
Lubrication system Automatic
Inverter RITUO
Electricity components CHNT
Voltage 380V 50 Hz 3Ph
Control system PLC
Weight 1200Kg
Machine size 3300X1700X1250mm
Packing size 3500*1900*1450mm



*Production can be completed with automatic functions, no need for professional drilling.

*Technicians,zero-based operator after one hour training can set to work at once,significant savings in labor costs.

*Infrared scanning,precise and fast data import,rapid positioning of sheet material,hole position processing on the side of the sheet material,wide compatibility, supporting docking all kinds of furniture design production software.

*Intelligent punching,no need to pay attention to the placement of the plate ruler,laser scanning accurate positioning,intelligent judgment of empty position,high precision,high speed.

*Using the newest control system,fastest machine operation speed.

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